First release of TQL: the easy-to-use ORM for Rust

After a couple of weeks of work, I’m now happy to release the first version of tql, the easy-to-use ORM for Rust.

New features

While the focus was to make tql work on the stable version of the compiler, I also added some new features.


The most notable new feature is the support for SQLite: now tql supports SQLite as well as PostgreSQL. The support for SQLite is almost as complete as the one for PostgreSQL: the only missing function is not implemented because the backend (SQLite) does not support it. I might implement it some day since I have a few ideas about how to workaround this issue.

Connection Management

Now, it is possible to specify the connection when using the sql!() macro. That was possible before to switch to procedural macros and was removed by lack of time, but now it is back. Remember that by default, sql!() will use the identifier connection and try to execute the SQL query on the connection it represents. Now, it’s possible to specify it as a first argument:

sql!(cx, TodoItem.get(id).update(done = true))

where cx is the connection.

Error handling

I also improved the error handling of the generated code: now instead of using expect(), all the errors will get to the caller of the sql!() macro.

Design issue

I also fixed a design issue, which took me a while to fix.

Bug fix

There was a bug with Option values and now it is fixed. This resulted in a change a syntax. While it was possible before to call insert() without Some:

sql!(TableInsertExpr.insert(optional_field = 12));

now, it is required:

sql!(TableInsertExpr.insert(optional_field = Some(12)));

While I could have kept the same syntax, it would have made the message in case of error less understandable. I might be able to support the former syntax in the future.

Also, since tql was relying on a bug in the Rust compiler to make it work on stable and this bug is fixed in beta, I had to stop using this in order to have tql working on the next stable version of the compiler. That was quite difficult to workaround and resulted in yet another change: Now, when using tql on stable, you are required to specify the connection in the sql!() macro.


Now it’s time for you to test tql, report bugs, suggest enhancements and start contributing! The library is still in very early stage, but I already use it in one of my projects, titanium.

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